Broadway, NJ - Domestic Shorthair. Meet Ottawa a Cat for Adoption.

The adoptable shelter cats, guinea pigs, and dogs don’t seem too put off by their company. In fact, they look surprisingly at home nestled next to a Tusken Raider (Cecil), Garindan the Imperial Spy (Mark), and a Stormtrooper (Melissa). The series of photos by is certainly the kind of spread that gets your attention, and I applaud the Ottawa Humane Society for thinking outside the box and getting more eyes on the constant challenge of finding forever homes for shelter animals.

Please note: the information above explains what is included in the adoption fee for cats and dogs at the Ottawa Humane Society. .

Plus, when you adopt a Scottish Fold cat or adopt a Scottish Fold kitten from an animal shelter or from a rescue group, you're saving more than just one life. That's right! If you take home a cat or kitten from a pet rescue or animal shelter, you're allowing that organization to then have space for another cat. Therefore, by adopting one, there is a domino affect and you give other pets a second chance, too! Adoption is truly a continuous life-saving cycle.

Chapman Mills, Ottawa, ON - Calico. Meet SASSY a Cat for Adoption.

Please note: the information below explains what is included in the adoption fee for cats and dogs at the Ottawa Humane Society. . Did you know that most cats in shelters and rescues are healthy and well-behaved, and are in the shelter through no fault of their own? Animal shelters and rescue groups are full of lovable, active and healthy adoptable cats and kittens just waiting for someone to take them home. Many people go to a pet store or a Scottish Fold cat breeder looking to purchase a cat or kitten, but don't realize that they might find a Scottish Fold or similar looking cat right in their local shelter. Many cats are given up when their prior owner can no longer afford the financial requirements to keep them. Other times cats are given up to shelters due to a divorce, death in the family, or new housing situation. Most cats and kittens in shelters are simply in need of a new home – they just want a safe, loving, and happy place to live!

Ottawa, KS - Domestic Mediumhair. Meet Cuddles a Cat for Adoption.

Ask anybody who has ever adopted a pet, and they'll swear to you that the bond they have with their rescued animal is as deep as they come. When you open your heart and home to an adopted cat who needs help, that cat will show appreciation for the rest of his/her life! Cats who have been uprooted from their homes or have had a difficult start at life are likely to bond deeply and be completely loyal to their new human caretakers. After all, when you adopt you become their hero! This is true no matter the breed of mix of the cat. So no matter what circumstances brought a kitten or cat to be homeless, Scottish Fold cats and kittens for adoption are still loving and lovely pets, extremely affectionate and attentive, making wonderful companions.

Ottawa, KS - Domestic Longhair. Meet Jerome a Cat for Adoption.