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We had tried several kinds of dry food with our kitties and landed on Acana. They love it! They have beautiful coats and are overall healthy. We have also started adding more wet food to their diet and find that BFF accompanies this dry food well, but have also used Tiki Cat. One of our cats is a very picky eater, he would rather starve to death than eat Friskies or even Newman’s Own Natural. I would and have recommended this food to several friends.

delicate Acana Pork & Butternut Squash Dry Dog Food 13.2lb new Friskies Wet Cat Food Variety Packs of 24

Hello Elena, since you only have Acana and Orijen where you live and your budget is limited I suggest you to try Acana Wild Praire or Grassland. Both are good choice. Make sure to feed your cat wet food as well and make her drink lots of water. This is very important when switching to a cat food that is higher in protein.

I switched to Acana, and my cats literally go wild over this food

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I would recommend trying her on some canned food – I really think cats do better on non-dry food. Some is better than none so if it doesn’t work to feed her all canned then do a mix. Go slowly and see how she does. Acana and Orijen are made by the same folks and are both good foods. I like the Orijen better because it is higher in protein and animal ingredients (80% vs 65%). Acana has more potato in it but is a little cheaper because of it. I find cats do best on high animal protein diets. Usually cats on all wet have less weight issues and cats on raw have almost no weight issues so if she is really getting plump and it isn’t just fur the switch may also help her lose a little weight.
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I'm from the Netherlands and I've been wanting to buy the best quality dry food for my cat Mew which is difficult since dry food isn't as good as wet. I feed him wet food during the morning, but I also let him graze on dry food during the day while we are gone. I really wanted to get Orijen since I've heard it's the best best of dry cat food available, but unfortunately me and my husband won't be able afford it for some time. So I thought to look for the second best brand of dry cat food. I've been looking at a lot of different dry food and I have found some which look like they are pretty good quality. They are Acana, Taste of The Wild, Applaws, Porta 21, and Granatapet. They are all Grain-Free with Applaws having the most meat content at 80%, however I know there is more to a good quality dry food than just the meat content.

Acana Regional Meadowland Cat Food Review

Erin, so sorry about your cat. We had to put our 7yr old cat Wolfie down after he was on Blue Buffalo for 2 years. He developed an intestinal disease and slowly deteriorated. I had no idea what was wrong with him. The vet said a lot of cats only live 7 to 8 years, way too young! The vet never even questioned his diet and I was too upset to think straight. It’s heartbreaking to think I was supplying poison rather than good nutrition for my cat, I still cry over it. I knew nothing about the lawsuit until after Wolf was gone. We feed our new cat, Harley, Acana Grasslands and only the best wet food and filtered water! You are so right, this should not happen to people!!Hello Michelle, Acana and Orijen are both excellent dry cat foods. As these foods are highly concentrated in proteins, you have to feed your cat much less as you are doing. If your cat is gaining some weight try to reduce the intake and mix his diet with canned food and making him exercise more. Dry cat foods usually make indoor cats gain some weight, either because they add too much carbs or grains or too concentrated protein or animal fats. That’s why we need to find the best balanced point between dry and wet food, give lots of water to our cats, plenty of exercise is essential with all indoor cats.