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Dental Disease: Long-standing claims that cats have less dental disease when they are fed dry food versus canned food are grossly overrated, inaccurate, and are not supported by studies. This frequently stated (among veterinarians and lay people) myth continues to harm cats by perpetuating the idea that their food bowls need to be filled up with an unhealthy diet in order to keep their teeth clean.

See  for some graphic pictures of what happens to cats like Opie when fed a water-depleted diet.

Animal fats:
Not only does animal fat make food tastier for your cat, but this essential ingredients is also mandatory for healthy skin and fur, as well the circulatory and urinary systems. Kittens need about 35 percent fat, while adult cats thrive on a diet of about 30 percent fat.

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See  for a discussion of how a water-depleted diet causes a great deal of suffering in our cats. 2) My cats are also lazy (Robbie has a perpetual ‘Mommy, please cut my meat for me‘ look on his face….) and will often just eat around the chunks. Not only is this frustrating because the meat is wasted, it can also lead to an unbalanced diet.

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First, cats are a special kind of meat-eater called an obligate carnivore. As felines evolved, their ancestors ate a meat-only diet. As a result, their bodies adapted in various ways.

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Third, cats do not have the capability to createtaurine from methionine and cysteine, like dogs do. This means that acat must ingest sufficient taurine in order to meet its taurinerequirements. The excellent news is that taurine is found in virtuallyall meats, especially beef heart. By feeding a cat a raw diet, the catshould receive the best, most bioavailable form of taurine via itsfood. There is one proviso: do not grind the food. Grinding increasesthe surface area of the meat and thus exposes more of the "good stuff"to the air. This results in oxidation of taurine and a resultantdecrease in overall taurine available to the cat. Additionally,grinding creates the perfect environment for bacteria growth, andbacteria also utilize the taurine in the meat, thereby furtherdecreasing the total amount of taurine available to your cat. Thus, ifyou feed your cat a ground raw diet, it may not receive all the taurineit needs to thrive, as is the case with a group of kittens fed whole,ground raw rabbit in this .If you regularly feed ground raw to your cat (which I do not recommendunless your cat absolutely will not or cannot eat bones), then it isadvisable that you supplement with taurine using either fresh beefheart (unground) or a commercial taurine supplement.

I highly recommend that anyone wishing to feed theircat a raw diet join the Yahoo! group. Be sure to also visit for some great information on feeding cats a raw diet.While fat in the diet is essential and also helps enhance the flavor of the food, a proper balance of fat is critical as cats fed too much fat can easily become overweight, and as you know, we have a severe pet obesity problem in this country with over 50% of our pets being overweight or obese. In a study by the National Academies on OUR CAT’S NUTRITIONAL NEEDS they suggest a cat’s diet should have a fat content 9% or more of dry matter.Some people use pre-made, ground raw diets to switchtheir cats to raw food. I personally am not a fan of ground raw diets,for reasons already mentioned about taurine, and for reasons listed onthe mythpage. However, I understand that for some it can be an importantstepping stone to a species appropriate raw diet. If you choose to usea ground raw diet for switching your cat, I strongly encourage you tobegin feeding whole pieces of meat and raw meaty bones as soon aspossible. Cats can and do become 'addicted' to pre-made raw diets andwill not try anything else outside of them. Unfortunately, these dietsdo nothing for helping keep their teeth clean. Additionally, many ofthe pre-made diets contain vegetables; vegetables are COMPLETELYUNNECESSARY for cats. Cats are 'obligate carnivores', meaning they MUSTeat other animals to survive. They do not consume nor need plantmatter. Everything they could possibly need is found in the flesh,bone, and organs of their prey.