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Finally there are a few brands I know nothing about as I have only found adverts. Lowes “Black Cat” was made by FC Lowe & Son in Lincs. They produced chicken and beef & liver varieties of Black Cat. Lowes, founded 1893, were pet food manufacturers By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen. They seemed to have peaked in the 1950s when they were associated with Crufts and the Kennel Club, and appear to have declined since then. I found several Lowes trademarks discontinued in the 1970s, but nothing for the Black Cat brand. However in the 1980s there was Lowes "Silky" brand.

For the health of your frisky feline, here’s our list of the top ten best dry cat food brands.

ANI markets pet food under -- brands including VitaBone, AttaBoy! and SupremeSource. But its main business is manufacturing pet food for . According to Blue Buffalo, ANI had received a batch of rice protein from Wilbur-Ellis that had been tainted with a chemical known as melamine. When ANI assembled all of its ingredients for Blue Buffalo foods and began stamping out cans of cat and dog food, this melamine ended up in the mixture.

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Before deciding on a particular brand of cat food, read the ingredients. Classic cat food is made by Butchers Petcare. Butchers Petcare began in 1987 and is best known for its dog food products (slogan: “Fit as a butcher’s dog”). In the 2000s, it introduced the two Classic canned cat food selections: a meat six-pack and a fish six-pack. Although a minority brand of cat food, it is found at major supermarkets.

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Almo Nature is a small, niche company that was established in Genoa in 2000 and is well known in Europe. It produces completely natural foods for cats and dogs on the market. Its products are available from specialist pet stores in the UK. With its recognisable ingredients, it’s one of the few cat food brands that even looks appetising to humans.

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