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Cats develop quickly during their first 2 to 3 years of life. A 4year old cat is considered in the prime of his life, being around 32 to34 years old in human years. You can determine your cat’s age in humanyears according to the following criteria:

Takafumi Fukui, the 34-year-old owner and a long-time cat lover, quit his job at a television game company and started the cafe in March.

Puss's case is not very well documented and doubts have been cast on its authenticity. The oldest reliably recorded cat was a female tabby named Ma, owned by Alice St George Moore of Drewsteignton, England. Ma was put to sleep on November 5, 1957 at the age of 34 years. Although 2 years younger than Puss, Ma's case is more reliably recorded. As a small kitten, Ma got her paw caught in a gin trap (steel jaw trap) and it was doubtful that she would survive. Though she survived, the injury worsened with age and Ma was cared for especially carefully. This was believed to be the secret of her longevity. Ma's natural diet of meat from the local butcher and a relaxed lifestyle (her owners were classical musicians) were also considered factors.

Its owner, Jake Perry had another cat which lived to be 34 years.

A few interesting facts: the longest-living cat was 34 years old according to some. Creme Puff was born on August 3, 1967 and passed on August 6, 2005. This remarkable kitty lived with her owner, Jake Perry, in Austin, Texas. Oddly enough, Perry also owned Granpa, who was claimed to have been born in Paris in 1964 and died in 1998, aged 34 years and 2 months - and was the previous record holder. Granpa was posthumously awarded 1999 Cat of the Year by Cats & Kittens magazine.

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After Creme Puff and Baby, the oldest cats ever are generally reckoned to be Puss (36 years, 1 day), Ma (34 years) and Granpa (34 years, 2 months). Puss was born in 1903 and was owned by Mrs T Holway of Clayhidon, Devon. Puss died on 29th November, 1939, one day after his 36th birthday.

Perry's cats broke the Guinness World Record for oldest cat

Granpa Rexs Allen, a Sphynx adopted from a Texas Humane Society, reached 34 years, 2 months and 4 hours old in 1998 (pedigree cats have the advantage of detailed birth records). He was adopted from the Humane Society of Travis County, Texas by Jake Perry on January 16, 1970. Granpa had been found as a stray in danger of being run over. Realising that Granpa was a Sphynx (then a rare breed), Perry put up posters in case anyone had any information about him. He received a call from the cat's former owner, Mme Sulinaberg from Paris, France. Sulinaberg had been visiting her daughter in December 1969 and her cat, Pierre, had escaped through an unlocked screen door. Sulinaberg checked the cat and agreed to let Perry keep the cat. She gave him Pierre's pedigree papers although by that time Perry had registered the cat as Granpa Rexs Allen with TICA as a household pet. The pedigree papers stated that Pierre had been born in Paris, France on the morning of 1st February, 1964. His sire was a Devon Rex (a permitted outcross for the Sphynx breed) called Pierre II and his mother was a Sphynx called Queen of France. Like Ma, Granpa was a cosseted cat, but his diet included bacon and eggs, broccoli, asparagus, mayonnaise and coffee with lots of cream!Of course, neutering can only increase cat longevity by so much. More than nine out of every 10 house cats in the United States are neutered, reports the ASPCA, and only a small portion of cats make it anywhere close to age 30. Using a human life span equivalency formula on the Cornell Feline Health Center’s website, 30 cat years translates to about 133 human years. By those measures, if 34-year-old Granpa were an actual human grandpa, he would have passed away at 149. Creme Puff, for the record, kept chugging until human-age 165. Surely, there must be something else at work here.